Dead Reckoning MVKrait Operation Jaywick
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A special Dead Reckoning release with profits going to Australian Commando Welfare Trust


On board the Krait there was a case of Australian rum if the crew survived . In the relatively safe waters off Broome the crew drank the case at 1800 hours on October 13th . This 9 year old Australian rum release is to commemorate that special day.


Operation Jaywick was a raid on shipping in Japanese-occupied Singapore harbour between September and October 1943. The raid was carried out by members of Special Operations Australia (SOA) from Z Special Unit. The team comprised of four British soldiers, and 11 AIF and Royal Australian Navy personnel, commanded by a British officer, Major Ivan Lyon.


Disguised as Malay fishermen, Lyon’s team travelled from Exmouth in Western Australia to Subor Island, 11 kilometres from Singapore, in a captured boat, renamed the MV Krait. The Krait was a slow-moving, wooden-hulled vessel about twenty metres long and sporadically suffered engine trouble for the duration of the voyage.


On reaching the island three-and-a-half weeks after leaving Australia, the team launched three two-man collapsible canoes (folboats). Lyon and five others then paddled into Singapore harbour. Arriving at night they split up and slipped from ship to ship attaching limpet mines, paddling another 80 kilometres to rendezvous with Krait six days later on 2 October.


When the mines exploded, seven ships were sank or badly damaged. The Krait recovered its intrepid but exhausted canoeists and travelled back to Australia, arriving at Exmouth on 19 October 1943.


Major Ivan Lyon (Mission Commander)

Lieutenant Hubert Edward Carse (Krait's captain)

Lieutenant Donald Montague Noel Davidson

Lieutenant Robert Charles Page

Corporal Andrew Anthony Crilly

Corporal R.G. Morris

Leading Seaman Kevin Patrick Cain

Leading Stoker James Patrick McDowell

Leading Telegraphist Horace Stewart Young

Able Seaman Walter Gordon Falls

Able Seaman Mostyn Berryman

Able Seaman Frederick Walter Lota Marsh

Able Seaman Arthur Walter Jones

Able Seaman Andrew William George Huston


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