The Whisky Agency Heaven Hill 11yo Bourbon 700ml


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The Whisky Agency Heaven Hill 11yo Bourbon bottled at 50.4% ABV

A true Scotch-lover’s Kentucky Bourbon. Brown sugar and dark caramel with a touch of anise. Soft herbal finish, neither cloying nor overly sweet.

The Whisky Agency was founded by Carsten Ehrlich in 2008. Carsten was also one of the founders of The Whisky Fair in Limburg, a legendary festival on the enthusiast whisky calendar since 2002.

Carsten used his experience selecting and sourcing casks for The Whisky Fair to great effect at The Whisky Agency, passionately bottling high quality single casks on a regular basis. The Whisky Agency’s label series include, The Perfect Dram, Liquid Library, Private Stock, and Liquid Sun. Look past Carsten’s whiskies and you will miss some true gems.

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