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Patritti Saperaviis released under their ‘Discovery’ range. They produce non-traditional varieties and blends that pay homage to the people, places and urban development that has influenced the journey of Patritti Wines.

Saperavi originates from Georgia where it is the principal red grape variety. Its viticulture and winemaking dates back some 6000 years.

During the late 1990s Patritti employed the services of a Georgian winemaker. After a trip back to his homeland he arrived at the winery with a bottle of Saperavi. Everyone was impressed with its great colour, structure and acidity and needed no further convincing. Soon after a small vineyard was planted by Patritti’s oldest grower in the Barossa. The name Saperavi literally translates to ‘ink’. Characteristically, the berries have dark pink flesh and very dark skins producing wines that are deeply coloured. The vines are adaptable, with Australian cool climate regions attracted to its ability to survive cold winters, but is also grown in warmer regions as well.

Saperavi is known for its deep and dark purple colour and this wine is no exception. The aromas are intense and impactful with blackcurrant, plum and raspberry notes leaping from the glass. As always there is an earthy and savoury element that is so characteristic of Saperavi. In the mouth the wine is massive. It’s full-on in every way; body, tannins and red berry flavour are all there in spades but all work together in harmony and a surprising softness.

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