Langa Liquori Elena Gin 700ml


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Crystal clear. Slightly smoky color due to the infusion of natural herbs and wood-fired distillation.

The nose shows marked notes of juniper, with overtones of myrtle and slightly citrusy aromatic herbs. Floral aromas that conjure up the meadows in the upper Langa and the Alps in summer are strengthened by a balsamic finish.

Though it may contain only a few botanicals, it exudes opulence in a taste packed with richness and body. A few seconds after an intense opening the notes of juniper burst onto the palate, followed by hints of spices and herbs on the finish. As only natural herbs and infusions are used, the oily sensation that fills the mouth lingers on the palate, meaning much less is required for mixing with tonic than other types of gin. At its best paired with a neutral tonic, or if you prefer a Mediterranean tonic water, cardamom and juniper berries.

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