Douglas Laing Provenance Dailuaine 10yo 700ml


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Douglas Laing Provenance Dailuaine is a release from the famed independent bottler Douglas Laing.

Provenance marks the first series in Douglas Laing and Co’s Exceptional Single Casks journey. For Provenance, extraordinary Single Cask Single Malts are bottled from a vast range of Scotland’s Whisky Distilleries. Each bottling is offered to you “as natural as it gets”. Bottled at 46% alcohol strength or higher, and without colouring or chill-filtration. Casks tend to be refill which helps to highlight each distilleries unique character.

Dailuaine distillery is found in the Speyside region. It is respected for producing robust, meaty and slightly oily in texture malts. Using minimal copper contact they keep a higher sulphur level in their new make spirit. After time this sulphur has disappeared, but it’s impact is felt through an increase in desirable fragrance and richness of texture!

This malt was distilled in December 2010. It was then matured for 10 years in a single ex-sherry butt before bottling in March 2021.

Nose: Rich and robust, with vanilla and plums followed by macerated raisins and cereal.

Palate: Opens full of wonderfully dulcet fruit-based toffee, refined spices, barley sugar and Malt.

Finish: Now the gingery spices are interestingly ahead of molasses and a biscuit quality.

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