Copper Dog Whisky 700ml


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Copper Dog Whisky is a stunning blend of no fewer than eight single malts, bursting with flavour and personality.

The blend was born in a pub, and that’s how Copper Dog is best enjoyed: huddled over a bar, telling stories and sharing tales and tipples amongst good friends.

It’s a smooth Scotch. With ripe fruit aromas, and a delicate, spicy finish. Crisp apple to zesty citrus, dried fruit and vanilla.

Copper Dog Whisky is inspired by the resourceful rascals of Speyside. Distillery workers who fashioned ‘Copper Dogs’ out of scraps of metal and pennies to smuggle out the Scotch they made to enjoy with their friends and family. They called them Copper Dogs as they were their owners’ best friend, never leaving the master’s side.

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