Buffelsfontein Brandewyn 750ml


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We are going to post the description for Buffelsfontein Brandewyn directly from their site via Google Translate, because it is nothing if not evocative.
We apologise for any mistranslation (and welcome corrections from any Afrikaans speakers out there).

Buffelsfontein Brandewyn is a patch for pain, a cold rag on a feverish forehead and grandma’s leg of lamb in the oven. It relieves the pain of a love letter that goes unanswered, expensive diesel and a lamb drowning in your dam. It’s raining on a corrugated iron roof, the smell of gunpowder from a lock action and a land full of maize plants breaking evenly through the ground. It’s comfortable skins, yellow fat biltong and dam swimming in December.

It crawls through you like a DJ Opperman poem, running rugby and the chicken meat as you pull that plastic from a brand new tractor’s seat. So go stick your ass down next to a fire, throw a long one and spoil yourself, your rough lightning.

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